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To those who seek the finest things in life,

I, Florence Paradis, invite you into my world of joy of hedonistic pleasures and healing sensuality. My bubbly personality and silly nature makes me a ray of sunshine that inevitably brightens up anyone’s day.


My innate extroversion makes my company so enjoyable because I’m curious, love to meet people and genuinely am pleased by your presence. I’m very passionate, I cultivate many hobbies and keep myself very busy. Undeniably creative, I love to express myself in a lot of ways. Violinist and photographer, I am a fervent art lover. Seeker of new experiences my appetite for learning is insatiable.​


My vibrant green eyes, luscious red hair, mischievous smile and angelic face covered in freckles really make me a beauty. My silhouette is deliciously curvy: 5’2” in height, 32C natural breasts, small waist, feminine wide hips, to-die-for booty and thick thighs.​ 

Making our meetings delightfully perfect and tailored to your needs is very important to me. I strive to immediately make you feel at ease and please you beyond what you’ve ever dreamed of. I’m very versatile: anything that ranges from deep intellectual conversations to the ecstatic meeting of two bodies, I am fond of. 


I am very affectionate and I enjoy partaking in a sensual meeting with lots of soft caresses. Seduction and anticipation are a part of the journey and I love creating some tension between my lover and I. 


Sometimes, you may crave a different experience, something more fiery, more carnal. Intense, chills-inducing sessions are part of my favorites.


Truly bisexual, I enjoy the company of all genders as well as couples

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