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Duo with Savannah Rose

It’s a warm but breezy summer evening, you're taking a walk in downtown Montreal when something draws your attention: two young lively girls are chatting at a terrasse you happen to pass by.

They’re both wearing colorful summer dresses, revealing two pairs of beautiful long legs. One of the girls has burgundy hair, deep blue eyes and full red lips. She puts her hands on the other girl's hips, which surprises you. Her friend has luscious red hair, freckled red cheeks and green eyes.

The redhead glances at you, leans over to her partner and whispers in her ear. They exchange a knowing smile before they both look at you. You smile too. They wave. You start walking in their direction.

Tonight is going to be special.


Want to treat yourself to the experience of your life, and be pleased by two womens at the same time?

Savannah Rose and I offer our now famous duos: lovers in our personal life for now 10 years (since our former teenage years), our chemistry is immediately noticeable and our talents as companions combine to create encounters that will leave you absolutely delighted.


«Was pure perverse joy»

«A word of warning: very addictive material»

-Merb members regarding our duo.




1h 700

1.5h 1000
2h 1200
3h 1800


1h 900

1.5 1350

2h 1600


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